union with christ

Week 8: The Power of our Journey: Seated at the Right Hand

“It is not quite correct to describe the union of the believer with Christ as an experience. It is rather a truth to be made known and by faith embraced. As stated by the learned preacher-missionary, L. L. Legters: ‘When a person begins to apprehend what it means to be united to the Son of God and what he has through this union, he will at once realize that his spiritual growth depends upon a clear understanding of truth rather than an experience.'”

Full Video

The following video is longer than previous videos. It’s six-minutes long — gasp!

A Helpful Word in Preparation of the Study

Hear this word from Paul David Tripp from the August 24th entry in his daily devotional New Morning Mercies (Tripp, New Morning Mercies, 2014):


“It is the disastrous duo — the evil outside us and the evil that still remains inside us. It is not just that we live in a world where evil still exists. If that were our only problem, life would be much easier and simpler. No, the danger of the external evil that we all face every day is made incredibly greater by the evil that lives inside us. You see,it is only ever the evil inside you that magnetizes you to the evil outside you. Sin is only ever attractive to a sinner. It really is true, “To the pure, all things are pure” (Titus 1:15). The problem is that none of us are yet completely pure. Yes, by the operation of powerful grace, we are purer than we once were. But here is our dilemma: our purification from sin — that work that will not end until every last microbe of sin is eradicated from every single cell of every heart of every believer — is a lifelong process and not a single event. The process of heart purification is taking place in the environment of a dramatically broken world that is not functioning as God intended and where evil lurks around every corner. And there is not a day in our lives when internal and external evil do not intersect somehow, some way.

“Are you discouraged as you read this? Does it seem to you that God’s will is both irrational and impossible, as if life in the fallen world is the ultimate nasty trick? Well, you must remember that you have not been sent out into this world on your own. You have not been asked to do the impossible in your own strength. You have not been asked to journey through this dark world all by yourself. And you surely haven’t been asked to comfort yourself by denying the presence and power of the internal and external evil that you deal with every day. As Jesus was sending his disciples out into this dark world to bring the message of the gospel to those enshrouded by evil external and controlled by evil internal, he said something that really changes everything: “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:20).

“Jesus doesn’t send us out with a pack of principles and promises. He doesn’t just guide our travels with a set of rules. No, he does so much more. He comes with us! He knows that we’ll never make it unless he is with us in every moment of every situation, location, and relationship. He is not a rescue squad that leaps into action in our moment of trouble. He’s there with us in trouble because he’s been there with us all along. In our struggle with evil, he gives us the the only gift that will help us — he gives us himself, because he knows that in him we really do find everything we need until our journey has ended. He is the best gift of his grace.”

Lyrics & Chord Sheets


For the “Praise” section of each lesson, we look at a song from the WEPC Doxology Album. As a resource to you, here is a link to the lyrics for each of the songs.

Lyrics for Doxology Album

Chord Sheets are also available. If you would like them, please contact Tiffanie Chan.

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All previous weeks of Union with Christ can be found at www.joebrownrva.com.

This includes devotional material, announcements, and videos.

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