In Between

In Between series

The 400 years between the Old Testament and the New, also known as the Intertestamental Period, was a time of uncertainty. The Jewish people and nation had to learn how to be faithful to their God in the midst of exile and political upheaval. The lessons below are study these changes from a theological, cultural, historical, and literary perspective while interacting with many of the sources in the Ancient Near East leading up to Jesus’ ministry.

If you want to better understand the New Testament, check out the handouts, audio, and some video of these lessons that were taught at First Service Coffee from April 28 to June 16, 2019. Videos can be seen via request.

In Between series at FSC - Copy

1. The end of the OT

[Lesson 1 | April 28, 2019]

Handout  |  Audio

2. Alexander the Great & Hellenization

[Lesson 2 | May 5, 2019]

Handout  |  Audio

3. Antiochus IV Epiphanies & the Maccabean Revolt

[Lesson 3 | May 12, 2019]

Handout |  Audio

4. The Roman Period

[Lesson 4 | May 19, 2019 | special guest speaker, Jon Greenhill]


5. Apocrypha (Wisdom Literature)

[Lesson 5 | May 26, 2019 | special guest speaker, Tim Sinclair]

Handout |  Audio

6. LXX & Intro to Apocrypha

[Lesson 6 | June 2, 2019]

Handout |  Audio

7. Remainder of Apocrypha

[Lesson 7 | June 9, 2019]

Handout |  Audio

8. Into the NT

[Lesson 8 | June 16, 2019]

Handout |  Audio

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