“Kingdom Come” VBS

Beginning back in 2010, a team of folks from WEPC began to put together our own rotation of five Vacation Bible School curricula. This past week, we completed our second rotation with “Kingdom Come” – a look at the kingdom of God and His Son, our Great King Jesus Christ.

If you know me, you also know that I love the musical Hamilton. I remember reading Ron Chernow’s biography of Hamilton on a plane somewhere thinking, “Someone should make a movie of this guy’s life!” Years later, Lin Manuel Miranda thankfully had a better idea. He created an award-winning musical that has helped countless children learn about the founding of our country. The fact that my children know how many Federalist Papers there are, as well as the differences between the State and Treasury Departments, makes my heart glad.

So as we headed into this year’s VBS, I decided to write new lyrics to two of the Hamilton songs. On night one, as the evil knight – Sir Pugsley – kicks out the good king, King Lexo Rex, she sings the song: “You’ll Be Fine.”

Night 1 Song: “You’ll Be Fine”

Bekah Blackburn, the actress who plays Sir Pugsley is simply amazing. 

Then, after a week of Sirs Joe, Warren, and Kyle teaching about Jesus and his kingdom being “here and now”, they travel to join the celebratory feast in honor of Fester J. Funnypants. Funnypants, who is the “Christlike” savior of the world, had just defeated Pugsley and broken her ax(e) and meets up with them.

Night 4 Song: “His Kingdom is Here Now”

Nic Von Bank, the actor who plays Funnypants is also simply amazing.
Sirs Warren and Kyle sang and dance with gusto.
I just seemed to yell a lot. 

Next year’s VBS – “Lost Canyon” is during the week of June 21 – 25, 2020.

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