Kids Club, King David

King David Shows Us Jesus! #1 (Hannah)

This lesson was taught at WEPC Kids Club on October 2, 2019.

An Elementary School Lesson on 1 Samuel 1:1 – 2:11

Have you ever needed someone to save you?

STORY: someone saving someone else.

This year, we are going to look at a guy in the Bible that is a big character – he did some GREAT THINGS and he did some TERRIBLE things. Have you ever done GREAT things? Have you ever done TERRIBLE things? His name is DAVID.

Main Theme of whole year: “King David shows us Jesus!”

  • He does it by showing us what a good king looks like!
  • He does it also by showing us that even good people do terrible things and we need Jesus!
  • God rescues good people and God rescues bad people.

Into the Box

Every week, we look in the box to discover what we are learning about this week.

Pull out board that says HANNAH

We are learning about a woman named Hannah. Let’s see…

Who can tell you what to do?

End of Judges. The last verse: 21:25: “In those days Israel didn’t have a king. The people did anything they thought was right.”

What would this be like?

What would it look like at your school or home or neighborhood?

And then how does 1 Samuel open? “There was a certain man.” Who is this man?


3 Year after year Elkanah went up from his town to Shiloh. He went there to worship and sacrifice to the Lord who rules over all.

Hannah’s problem

Hannah didn’t have something she wanted. She wanted a baby! So what did she do? She cried.

What do you do when you do get what you want?

What do you do when you see that you are getting something that someone else wants?

Elkanah loved Hannah.

“Hannah, why are you crying? Why don’t you eat? Why are you so unhappy? Don’t I mean more to you than ten sons?”

Hannah’s prayer


Problems usually lead us to pray.

Because of her problem of no kids, Hannah was forced to pray and lean on God.

The cry of a child is the cry of faith.

What creates great praying? A deep sense of our need and a deep sense of God’s care.

Eli, the high priest, sees her, and eventually tells her to go in peace (v. 17)

God’s Answers

  1. 20 – “So after some time, Hannah became pregnant. She had a baby boy. She said, “I asked the Lord for him.” So she named him Samuel.”

Samuel means “His name is God”

It sounds like “sa’al” which means “ask for” (and sounds like “Saul” !! )

Hannah follows through with her promise

Hannah gives Samuel to Eli (1:24-28)

Hannah sings a praise song to God (2:1-10)

When life is hard because of your faith in God

Hannah was weak and prayed.

In fact, Hannah had no earthly reason to hope.

But Hannah looked up at God and His character and cried out in prayer and hope.

She did the hard thing, and facing adversity, she stood firm in faith.

What about you?

This week, think about where in your life it seems hopeless.  Don’t ignore it or run away from it. Lean into it and cry out to God in prayer.

Jesus promises that He always answers prayer. He is always there with us.

Broken in the Box:

What did we learn about today? Hannah

And we learned that Hannah is a wonderful person – and shows us what faithful living in hard circumstances looks like.

But it doesn’t really solve our problem.

Break the HANNAH board so just the H remains

While breaking it, say: “We need something else.”

We need Jesus and the power He gives His people. Power to forgive, to love, to boldly move forward in life!

Throw the H back in the box to be put together at the end of the year to spell: “King David Shows Us Jesus!”


• How does Hannah’s praying encourage you in your own?
• Is there anything you need to pray about?
• Is there anything you do not ask for in prayer because, deep down, you think the Lord cannot or will not give it? Could Hannah’s exmaple prompt you to start praying for it regularly and boldly?
• Which phrase in Hannah’s prayer (2:1-10) particularly encourages you today?

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