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King David Shows Us Jesus! #16 (Important)

This lesson was taught at WEPC Kids Club on February 12, 2020.
Main Theme of whole year: “King David shows us Jesus!”  He does it by showing us what a good king looks like!  He does it also by showing us that even good people do terrible things and we need Jesus!  God rescues good people and God rescues bad people.

An Elementary School Lesson on 2 Samuel 7

Recap from last week

David’s kingdom is being built. And now it is built… except for one more VERY IMPORTANT piece!

Into the Box

Every week, we look in the box to discover what we are learning about this week.

Pull out board that says IMPORTANT


2 Samuel 7 is the most important chapter in these whole books. (REPEAT)

And it is one of the most important chapters in the whole Bible.

Something happens in this chapter that has implications into eternity.

Not a lot of action.

It is a conversation. (ugh)

The whole chapter is two speeches. One from God. And one from David.

It starts with an opening statement:

1 The king moved into his palace. The Lord had given him peace and rest from all his enemies around him. Just as we talked about the past two weeks. 2 Then the king spoke to Nathan the prophet. He said, “Here I am, living in a house that has beautiful cedar walls. But the ark of God remains in a tent.” Remember one of the building blocks of his kingdom was a palace. But a temple is missing.

3 Nathan replied to the king, “Go ahead and do what you want to. The Lord is with you.” Interesting that Nathan doesn’t ask God first. (He should have.)

4 But that night the word of the Lord came to Nathan.

And the LORD speaks to David through Nathan. And God says FOUR THINGS:

Have four bubbles on the board. As you say each one, fill them in.

  1. David, you may think I need a temple, but did you ever ask me? (vv. 5-7)

7 I have moved from place to place with all the Israelites. I commanded their rulers to be shepherds over them. I never asked any of those rulers, ‘Why haven’t you built me a house that has beautiful cedar walls?’ ” ‘

  1. I, God, took care of you, David and people of God, in the past (vv. 8-9a)

8b “I took you away from the grasslands. That’s where you were taking care of your father’s sheep and goats. I made you ruler over my people Israel. 9 I have been with you everywhere you have gone. I have destroyed all your enemies.

  1. I, God, will take care for you, David and people of God, in the future (vv. 9b-11)

9b Now I will make you famous. Your name will be just as respected as the names of the most important people on earth. 10 I will provide a place where my people Israel can live. I will plant them in the land. Then they will have a home of their own. They will not be bothered anymore. Evil people will no longer crush them, as they did at first.

There is one more bubble. One more piece of God’s speech. And this is the piece that is the most important. But before we get to that one, we need to ask the question: SO WHAT?            So what to these first three points? What’s happening here?

  • We do this all of the time.
  • We think that what really matters is what we can do for God.
  • He saved us. And now it is our chance to do something good for God.
  • That is kind of what David is doing here!
  • Stop it!

Stop focusing on what you can do for God, and instead focus your attention on what God has done (and is doing) for you!

 And this brings us to the final section of God’s speech:

  1. (IMPORTANT) I, God, will raise up a descendent of you, David, to last forever (vv. 12-16)

12 Some day your life will come to an end. You will join the members of your family who have already died. Then I will make one of your own sons the next king after you. And I will make his kingdom secure. 13 He is the one who will build a house where I will put my Name.

Is this Solomon? Yes and no.

Yes in that Solomon builds a temple to worship God after David has died. But, God also says some of these things:

  1. I will set up the throne of his kingdom. It will last forever.
  2. I will be his father. And he will be my son.
  3. I will never take my love away from your son.
  4. Your royal house and your kingdom will last forever in my sight.
  5. Your throne will last forever.

Who is this referring to? JESUS!

Jesus is in the line of David (go to Matthew 1 to read of Jesus’ genealogy to see that).

Jesus is the true Davidic King!

He is the Messiah!

All that God says to David is great, but it can’t save anyone.

What God does through David’s descendant, Jesus, is the only thing that can save!

David’s response:

And should be our response: You, God, are great!

22 “Lord and King, how great you are! There isn’t anyone like you. There isn’t any God but you. We have heard about it with our own ears. 23 Who is like your people Israel? God, we are the one nation on earth you have saved. You have set us free for yourself. Your name has become famous. You have done great and wonderful things. You have driven out nations and their gods to make room for your people. You saved us when you set us free from Egypt. 24 You made Israel your very own people forever. Lord, you have become our God… 28 Lord and King, you are God! Your covenant can be trusted. You have promised many good things to me. 29 Now please bless my royal house. Then it will continue forever in your sight. Lord and King, you have spoken. Because you have given my royal house your blessing, it will be blessed forever.”

Broken in the Box

What did we learn about today? IMPORTANT

This is the most important chapter in all of these verses because it is the explicit connection from the story of David to Jesus. And while David is great…

Break the IMPORTANT board

  • While breaking it, say: “We need something else.”
  • We need Jesus and the power He gives His people. Power to forgive, to love, to boldly move forward in life!

At the end of the year, the first letters of each of the boards will scramble to spell: “King David Shows Us Jesus!”


  • How faithful is God to you? How faithful are you to God? Who is more faithful? If that’s true, then when and where are you unfaithful to God?
  • Does God forgive you?
  • How hard is it to relate to God through grace? Do you ever think you can give back to God? Can you?

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