Rev. Joe Brown preaches throughout the Greater Richmond region at churches, desiring to clearly and creatively communicate the Word of God, and prayerfully applying the Scriptures to enable the Spirit to bring revival among His people and further the mission of the church.

Occasionally, Rev. Joe Brown preaches at his home church, West End Presbyterian Church. For those most recent sermons, click here

  • May 26, 2019 / “The Helper” / audio / notes


Adult Sunday School Classes

First Service Coffee is the primary Adult Sunday School class at West End Presbyterian Church. It is a gathering of 40-60 adults in an informal setting over Bibles and coffee cups to learn about what God is doing in the church. It is a mix of testimonies, prayers, small group studies, and teaching. The teaching is exemplified by the series below. 

John_Cotton_by_SmibertJohn Cotton’s sermon on Galatians 2:20

November 18, 2018

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Biography of Martin Luther

October, 2017

Objections to Christianity

Common Objections to Christianity

April, 2018
  • “Religion hurts more than it helps” – Handout, Audio
  • “Science and God don’t mingle” – Handout, Audio
  • “The Bible is not trustworthy” – Handout, Audio
  • “You are too narrow-minded” – Handout
  • “What about all the evil and suffering in the world?” – Handout

Testimonies from the Early Church2016-2017 Poster - Jan-Apr

Spring, 2017